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How many


How many nice seafood dinners would it take to turn you into a bedroom acrobat in my house for years to come.

I got this EXACT same message…!!!

Fashion For…

Fashion forward or fashion for men? Is this even a question?

As of late, I’ve read a couple articles in which women (JUST) realized that men aren’t down with everything the fashion world has to offer. Who didn’t know that? Is this a huge shocker to women everywhere? Guys don’t like all girl stuff… Of course they don’t, they’re dudes!!

Anyways, these ladies found themselves changing how they dressed on dates to better suit the male fashion palette.  So? Is that good or bad? If you’re changing your style to wear black to a funeral and a sweater to your familys’ house, I don’t think it is that different. But at the same time, you shouldn’t completely change a la Sandy in Grease wise either…

BALANCE, my dears, balance. Just feel good about yourself and feel pretty.. I don’t find that to be catering to the male agenda.

But even more annoying to me than previously stated, were some of the things men didn’t like… One was quoted to say that “leggings were played out.” OH really mister man? You don’t like leggings? I bet you don’t like tights either, unless they’re fishnets or something sexy.  I bet you also don’t like big sweaters, the 80s or peplum. (HINT: They don’t)

OH WELL. Dudes don’t like this shit.  Well, I don’t like those hole-y baggy boxers you’ve had for 9 years that your mom bought you.  And those socks you mended with duct tape (YES, I did have a boyfriend that did this), those things are played out to the point where you need adhesives that you also use on the car. But I know that that doesn’t matter to you, you don’t care. 

I don’t care that you think the most comfortable and warm form of clothing isn’t too awesome.  All I know is that I can put under my dress or wear a semi-short tunic with it, or even as pants if I had the thighs.  You’re being “practical” with that duct tape, I’ll be practical and not freeze to death thank you. 

So everyone just read Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus or something and find some better topics worthy of posting on the internet.  Cosmo has played this one out.

And I’m sorry for being cranky.


#hatersgonhate but I got you reacting.  Leave your name next time so you can tell me more :) #whothehellcares #acidcult #edgycoolaid #art #arttheory #comeatmebro


#hatersgonhate but I got you reacting. Leave your name next time so you can tell me more :) #whothehellcares #acidcult #edgycoolaid #art #arttheory #comeatmebro

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Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2007 couture.


Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2007 couture.

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How my mom must feel walking into my room



Proboscis monkey’s are crazy-looking. Like Alf or something.

Proboscis monkey’s are crazy-looking. Like Alf or something.

La Vie Boheme

Dance: No Way To Make A Living, Masochism, Pain, Perfection, 

Muscle Spasm, Chiropractors, Short-Careers, Eating Disorders. 

Film: Adventure, Tedium, No Family, Boring Locations, Dark Rooms, Perfect Faces, Egos, Money, Hollywood And Sleaze. 

Music: Food Of Love, Emotion, Mathematics, Isolation, Rhythm, Power, Feeling, Harmony, And Heavy Competition. 

Anarchy: Revolution, Justice, Screaming For Solutions, Forcing Changes, Risk And Danger, Making Noise And Making Pleas